Workshops, Training, Private Lessons and Education

If you are seeking to learn how to be a professional photographer, Sal W. Hanna hosts various group workshops throughout the year.  In addition, he also offers one on one private lessons and continued education.
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Here is an in depth look at some of the things you will learn at one of his workshops:

Pre-Shoot Considerations

– How to select the right model for the project
– The Flake Factor – Early warning signs, References and Groups
– Shoot Concepts

Make-up ! ! !
– Does your model have to have perfect skin?
– What a Make Up Artist can and can not do
– How to select the right make up
– Hair/Nails/Etc

– How to choose your lights and modifiers
– Camera settings, temperature and lens selection
– Positioning, quantity and more

– What is your vision?
– How do you achieve the effect, emotion, and look?
– Interaction within the team
– Posing, Props and other tools
– How to control you shoot

Intent of the class:

If you are looking for a group shoot or just to click away these classes are NOT for you. These class will teach you lighting techniques, various control techniques, basic and intermediate lighting and much more.

There will be a lot of shooting practice during the workshop with one on one attention.

Group Workshops are limited to 6-10 Photographers

– The models will pose in various wardrobe or nude depending on the course.
– Non-Commercial Use Release are included in the cost of the workshop. Commercial releases are not.
– Pocket Wizards are needed to activate lighting. Please bring your own or notify us that you’ll need one.

As always models will be vibrant, fun, and well formed.  Sal W. Hanna Workshops included novice models to highly experienced agency models depending on the content of the lessons. It’s always valuable to learn how to work with a variety of personalities and experience levels.


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