High Key Lighting of Jade

How to Create High Key Shots With a One Light Setup

Many times as a photographer I come up with something that sounds off the wall and I seek out a model to test my concept on. In this particular instance Jade was happy to participate and trust in my concept. The method to get a clean high key shot is simple, but not many can accomplish the right amount of balance between the highlights to keep from having bleed and a loss of definition.
I've seen others light up a set like they fear the dark; Two lights blasting the background, a fill light and a large key light. In this simple high key lighting setup I used a Silver Parabolic Umbrella with one Alien Bee 400W Strobe and I placed it one foot behind her. That's it. Done.
No fancy blowing out of light to every corner of the studio, no use of overexposure to an improbable degree, just a strobe, umbrella and proper camera settings.
As you can see Jade is wearing a sheer top and when accompanied by the silver light source becomes see through. It's defines her form without giving away too much nudity, leaving the rest to imagination.

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