Sal W. Hanna is an internationally published photographer, author, and publisher. He is the Editor in Chief of UnCovered Magazine and Senior Editor of Glamour Model Magazine. As a natural light specialist, Sal W. Hanna, has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in settings from live events to studio settings in a private Huntington Beach Photography Studio. He calls this style,”Fashionable Boudoir.”

From corporate events to private parties Sal W. Hanna Photography can fit almost any budget. Our services include:

  • Model and Actor Photography
  • Boudoir and Glamour
  • Grooms Personal Photographer
  • Engagement and Special Events
  • Fashion, Commercial Print and Lifestyle
  • Bridal Boudoir, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Headshot portraits for Professionals, Models and Actors
  • Corporate Events, Special Events, and Private Parties
  • Business Products and Marketing Material Photography
  • Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists and Wardrobe are available for any occasion
  • Mobile, Location or Studio Service Available

Why settle for good photographer, when you can have a great photographer?

Sal offers private photo shoots with a full team of make up artists, hair stylists and even wardrobe stylists. If it’s not on the list, just ask. We offer many varieties of photography.


As a professional media and modeling industry photographer his body of work has included photography for:

Britney Spears Baby One More Time Tour (Media Photographer), City of Huntington Beach Publications, ESPY Awards, Goodyear Tire Franchises, Instaplan Healthcare, J-Network Inc. (Japan), Make Up Enthusiasts Magazine,, MTV, Orange County Register, Pepboys Auto, Petersons Publishing, PT Cruiser Magazine, Regal Cinema’s, Superb Magazine, and has sponsors that include the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.